Our Vision

With blockchain as our foundation
and digital entertainment and digital assets as our tools,
we are a company set out to change the rules of the game
and the rules of the world.

Do you remember those days in your childhood when you were engrossed in a game to conquer monsters for money or stronger weapons?
And the feeling of sadness when you had nothing to show for your efforts once you turned off the power switch?
You, and everyone else, must have though at least once, “If only I could be as rich in real life as I am in the game…”
We have set out to make that “if” into a reality.
Until now, games were something you paid money to enjoy. We will totally change that basic premise.
You will no longer have to spend money to enjoy games. Instead, you will earn money while enjoying games.


Job Tribes, the first edition blockchain game

Scheduled to launch in March 2020!

Based on the book, “Picture Book of Japanese Jobs and Salaries” with over 360,000 copies published, hitmaker Shin Kibayashi has helped create the Job Tribes story and Haruhiko Mikimoto is in charge of character design.


About Us

Company outline

Company name Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltd
Representative Naohito Yoshida
Established August, 2018
Head office address 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, #05-01, Singapore
Mail info@dea.sg


  • Naohito Yoshida

    Naohito Yoshida

    After working in magazine editing, established the game anime company GLAMS Co., Ltd. at the age of 28. While being one of the pioneers of the digital anime industry, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32. Filed for both company and personal bankruptcy at the age of 34. After that, made a comeback to establish three publicly listed companies in the human resources, content and media ad tech industries.

    Concurrently is serving as chairman and representative director of eole Inc., which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mother’s Market. With a conviction that blockchain will radically change the entertainment industry, is returning as an entrepreneur for the first in 20 years.

  • Kozo Yamada

    Kozo Yamada

    In charge of producing music and variety programming at TV TOKYO Corporation production department. Has worked on such programs as Halomoni, Ongaku Ba~ka, Yarisugi Ko-ji, Mokuyo Hachiji no Concert, Toshiwasure Nippon no Uta, MeloiX! and others.
    In 2017, was awarded the Bronze Award by Spikes Asia, the region’s most prestigious creative award. Established Tsukuriba Inc. in January 2018 and serves as a producer for a wide variety of entertainment content.

  • Hiroshi Tsurusaki

    Hiroshi Tsurusaki

    Year 2007 Establish Tecotec inc. that is accomplished in the development and operation of Fintech projects, such as security settlement systems and stocks portfolio analysis services. They are also experienced in setting up a cryptocurrency exchange called TokyoBitcoinExchange inc. that received JFSA authorization in 2017 (Director of the Kanto Local Financial Bureau No.00010). and sold it to DMM Group after that. They joins the memberships of Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) and supports the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA) now.

  • Kazutaka Mori

    Kazutaka Mori

    After admitted to the bar in Japan, Mr. Mori has gained experience at various law firms for about 6 years, including Mercury General in Osaka which mainly deals with M&A and corporate law practice. Then he became the head of Japan Desk at the Singapore office of Evercheds, a major UK-based leading global law firm.
    Now based in Singapore, Mr. Mori specialises in Asian legal affairs and provides legal services on matters such as cross-border M&A and business expansion into Asian region.
    In recent years, Mr. Mori has been more involved in projects concerning advisory services for cutting-edge business like Fintech. In particular, he is receiving increasing number of inquiries about matters relating to cryptocurrencies in Asian region. He provides advice on regulatory matters for the establishment of cryptocurrency exchange in ASEAN countries and liaises with local government authorities; he also assists structuring with the ICO in compliance with the regulations of relevant countries, review white papers, draft documents such as SAFT and terms of service based on the applicable laws of relevant countries, and provide legal opinion on ICO projects.