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DEAPcoin, a new cryptocurrency listed on the OKEx, marked 230% from its offering price The market capitalization marked at high of over $195 million* USD on the first day of listing ”Stay at Home” COVID-19 seems to impact gaming industry

On April 8, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.(DEA), a Singapore-based blockchain entertainment company, listed DEAPcoin on OKEx, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, the utility token for its entertainment platform “PlayMining”, and recorded a market capitalization of more than $195 million USD !

*(As of 8 April, 2020)

[Singapore, 10 April 2020]


[DEAPcoin’s Main Features]

“Digital Art” can be purchased at the “Digital Art Auction” starting on April 15th

Digital Art Auction is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell digital art created by popular artists from Japan and around the world.

Due to its uniqueness and rarity by limiting the supply, the Digital Art might mark a high asset value, as their authenticity is assured by the blockchain technology.  The Digital Art can be immediately used in the games on DEA’s PlayMining platform.

Purchasing the Digital Art in advance to the release of the games might give an opportunity to increase its value for early investors as the value of these Digital Arts might ultimately increase before the game launch.

The first game, JobTribes, will be beta released on May 26th along with the release of a new user-to-user trading feature on the Digital Art Auction. The release of JobTribes and the trading feature on the Digital Art Auction will together create a new market for digital art trading.



“Digital Art” purchased with DEAPcoin will be available for use in the “JobTribes” game

On May 26th, the beta version of JobTribes will be launched for the pre-registered users. JobTribes is the first game released on the PlayMining platform, and with the blockchain technology integrated art trading platform, Digital Art Auction. It will provide a seamless user experience in which actions taken on a platform is reflected immediately on the other.

   The JobTribes scenario was created by Shin Kibiyashi, who has been selected as one of the six top creators from Japan by Netflix.  Digital Art purchased by Digital Art Auction using DEAPcoin can be consumed in the game to enhance in-game experience, and in the future, the value of the digital asset might increase as more game players enter the space to purchase digital artworks by created by famous artists where fans are incentivized to possess their favorite artists’ works, as well as investors that speculates the value increase in digital arts.


[Building a Future with DEAPcoin]

“PlayMining”: A new economic zone created with Digital Art

The Digital Art and entertainment platform, “PlayMining,” is expected to attract a lot of users, since the company has set aside a portion of DEAPcoin (DEP), which users will be able to earn by playing games or reading comics exclusively released on the platform. With this “Play to Earn” strategy, DEA is targeting to increase the monthly active users of their games to 100 million users within three years. DAA , is also expected to receive a large influx of users, and for many transactions to take place in search of valuable Digital Art assets as well as for investment purposes. By then, it is reasonable to assume that a lot of financial and cultural capital would have pooled in the “PlayMining” ecosystem, which would in turn raise the overall value of all digital assets existing on the platform.


Digital Art’s asset value and the expansion of the online game market in the age of “social distancing”

Digital Art will not only be available for one game, but also across multiple games on the PlayMining, making the token usable for a variety of games across the platform.

It is predicted that global mobile game sales will exceed $80bn in 2020. The number mostly consists of in-game purchases, and the in-game items which will eventually lose their value after users no longer continue to play the game.

In addition to its value as a work of art, PlayMining’s Digital Art has a permanent, multi-game value, allowing gamers to spend money without fearing that their purchases will lose value when the game loses its popularity. Therefore, PlayMining and Digital Art can allow DEA to venture into an uncharted territory of the global gaming market.

According to the statistical research of COVID-19 breakout, many people are forced to take social distances and stay at home to prevent infections.  This worldwide emergency has resulted in a hike in the game users and play time. [See Appendix 1]

According to a report by Verizon, in the March 12th to March 19th trend, game usage rose by 75%, and according to a report by Apptopia, game usage of card battle games rose by 20%. PlayMining will play its role to fit the marked demand, and enable more people to be involved in the ecosystem to entertain and make a living by playing games.


About Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd  | 


DEA is a company incorporated in August 2018 in Singapore. With its strong relationship with both the gaming industry and manga creators in Japan, DEA is launching a blockchain-enabled entertainment platform “PlayMining” with the first game title “JobTribes” and digital artwork trading service “Digital Art Auction“.

The Digital Arts line up for 15 April

The following items will be available on DAA after April 15th:

– Works by the manga artist of the “Dragon Quest” series, illustrations by the author of the “Gundam” series, as well as character designs by the “Macross” series’ character designers, and more.

– A total of 4,888 items with a total starting bid of 11,494,000 DEP will be on the DAA market. [See Appendix2]

(In DAA, the starting bid is preset by the platform, and items will be sold in a blind auction format.)

Going forward, more unique one and only works by famous manga artists, illustrators, and other such creators from all over the world will be added every week.

Advancement of creators’ rights leading to the overall increase in high quality submissions of art

One of the core missions of DAA is “to advance and protect creators’ and artists’ rights.” The way DEA realizes this mission is by paying a portion of DAA’s trading commission to the creators of the Digital Art, everytime that artist’s work is traded between users. This means that the “PlayMining” platform allows for creators to receive a royalty as long as their artwork continues to be traded, treasured, and appreciated on the platform. In other words, as long as users find value in owning such artworks, the creators of such works will be able to receive the appreciation they duly deserve in the form of monetary payment, potentially for many years into the future. For this reason, it is expected that DAA will receive a plethora of high quality works by top creators from all around the world.

Here is a list of creators who have already committed to participate on the platform (in no particular order):

  • Mashima Hiro “FAIRY TAIL”
  • Ogawa Etsushi “Chuuka Ichiban – Chinese Cooking Master”
  • Minagawa Ryoji “Spriggan”
  • Fujiwara Kamui “Dragon Quest Biography -Emblem of Roto”
  • Mikimoto Haruhiko “Super Dimension Fortress Macross series”
  • Hagiwara Kazushi “Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy”
  • Egawa Tatsuya “Magical Taluluto”
  • Ayamine Rando “Get Backers”
  • Terumi Nishii “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 — Diamond Is Unbreakable” (Anime Character
  • Design)”,
  • Yamaji Hidenori “Marry Grave”
  • Motomiya Hiroshi “Salaryman Kintarou”
  • Igarashi Yumiko “Georgie”
  • Ando Keishu “Hentai Kamen”
  • Doi Takayuki “Momotaro Dentetsu ”
  • Shintani Kaoru “Area 88”
  • Saeki Kayono “Hinoryousen”
  • Hiramatsu Shinji “The Angel with Black Wings”
  • Takeshi Ebihara “Miss Machiko”
  • Ito Keiichiro “Mad Max: Fury Road” (Official Poster Illustration)”
  • Tatsuo Kanai “HOLE IN ONE”
  • Kaida Yuji “Mobile Suit Gundam” Series (Plastic Model Packaging Art)”
  • ume “Giga Tokyo Toy Box ”
  • Reno Lemaire “Dreamland”
  • Ntocha
  • Olivier Vatine “Aquablue”


The use of games by smartphone users has increased dramatically. By category, “Card Battle Games” is popular.



The main products to be sold on 4/15



Games “JobTribes” and “World Flags” 

We are now accepting applications for closed beta testers for “JobTribes”, the first game of the blockchain entertainment platform “PlayMining”, and will give priority to users who have registered as members through the HP. In addition, we are also planning to give the beta testers a prize in DEAPcoin and a gift of cards linked with the game.


■You can apply for closed beta testers from the official website

*DEAPcoin is not on sale for residents in Japan.