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DEA Business Strategy Presentation GameFi Platform Business Strategy Announced amidst the Expansion of the Web 3.0 Market

Former Minister of Justice and a current member of the House of Representatives, Takashi Yamashita supports DEA’s business development as a way to build a national strategy in collaboration with the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

From left: Kozo Yamada (Founder & Co-CEO), Takashi Yamashita (Member of the House of Representatives), Shinya Kiryu (COO)


Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based global GameFi platform company, held a “Business Strategy Presentation” on Wednesday, April 27 2022, from 1:00 to 2:15 p.m., announcing the full-scale expansion in the Japanese market.

DEA was established in Singapore in August 2018 with the mission of “delivering new web3 entertainment to the world that no one has ever experienced before.” The company operates the world’s leading NFT Game Platform “PlayMining” in the “GameFi” field, where games and fintech are fused together. In preparation for the full-fledged launch of its business in Japan, the company held its first business strategy presentation to the Japanese media.

At the business strategy presentation, three pillars of business development in Japan were presented:

  1. Issuance of crypto assets DEAPcoin (known as DEP)
  2. Operation of NFT marketplace and NFT sales
  3. NFT games

The audience learned about the latest developments in Play to Earn through a movie clip of the game “JobTribes” and a video message from a user of the scholarship system, which is attracting attention as a new means of job creation.

As special guests, Mr. Takashi Yamashita, a member of the House of Representatives and Mr. Satoshi Takemura, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NPO, Kousotu Shien Kai (organization which supports adoluscents who have not graduated high schools) appeared to deliver their support for the company.

Scenes from the event
■Opening Speech
Naohito Yoshida, DEA Founder & CEO, gave a presentation (video message) on the background of DEA’s establishment and our business vision to provide innovative entertainment utilizing Web 3.0.

Naohito Yoshida: DEA Founder & CEO


Following the comments from CEO, Mr. Takashi Yamashita, the member of the House of Representatives, took the stage to talk about Japan’s growth strategy and how Web 3.0 is the key to a new capitalism, as well as his expectations and hope for Japanese companies including DEA.

Mr. Takashi Yamashita: Member of  the House of Representatives


■Part 1: Introduction of DEA’s Company and Business
Kozo Yamada (Founder & Co-CEO) and Shinya Kiryu (COO) gave a presentation about our company, the NFT business and its purpose.

Yamada explained that the purpose of our business is to create a sustainable system through the fusion of Web 3.0 entertainment, games, and fintech, which no one has ever experienced before. Categorizing the current GameFi market as “GameFi 1.0”, he intends DEA to lead the way as we move into the “GameFi 2.0” in the future.


Kozo Yamada: Founder & Co-CEO

Furthermore, he showed a video of a user in the Philippines who thanked the DEA for supporting her with the creation of an NFT related job. He expressed his sincere wish for  users to feel that they can save the world by playing games. Following his passionate speech, Kiryu introduced the project team members, the achievements and the company’s business performance.


Part 2:  DEA’s Business Development in Japan
Hiroshi Tsuruoka (General Manager of PlayMining Division/Head of Business Strategy) presented the three core businesses of “PlayMining” and its future business expansion strategy.

Tsuruoka explained that the company has three major businesses: Crypto Assets, NFT Marketplace and NFT games. “PlayMining” is the platform that unites these three segments.
Details of these segments are as follows;

DEAPcoin (DEP)
DEP is a native token (crypto asset) used to purchase NFTs on the “PlayMining” platform. On January 26, 2022, DEP was listed on Japanese crypto exchange BITPOINT, which enabled users to trade DEP in Japan. As soon as the deposit function is implemented on the exchange, DEA will make a full fledged appeal to Japanese users in an effort to expand the number of DEP users.

Operation of NFT Marketplace and Distribution of NFT
The original NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT” sells NFT artworks by Japan’s top creators and has attracted worldwide attention. With DEP’s listing on the domestic exchange, we have realized a series of NFT collaborations with prominent Japanese IPs.

Specifically in May, DEA will collaborate with well-known manga artist Ami Shabata’s “Nangoku Shounen PAPUWA” and “Jibaku kun” and in June with “Mega Tokyo Toy Box” by another famous manga artist Ume.

Provider of NFT Games
“PlayMining” is a GameFi platform that offers a variety of game titles. All of these are “Play to Earn” games, allowing users to earn crypto asset DEP while enjoying playing the games.

In addition to the PlayMining’s first title “JobTribes” (NFT card battle game with the theme “Jobs”), three new game titles including  “Cookin’ Burger” (multi-task cooking game) and “Graffiti Racer” (‘coloring x race’ game) will be launched this year. In 2023, 10 more new titles are to be added, aiming to become the top NFT game platform in Japan.

Furthermore as a new business, we launched our original metaverse business “PlayMining Verse” this spring. This project allows creators and users to develop and evolve the content together with the aim of producing a variety of contents such as manga and games.

The first project is “Fujiwara Kamui Verse” designed by Mr. Kamui Fujiwara, author of “Dragon Quest Biography: Emblem of Roto”.

Future Business Expansion
Based on the notion that no other Japanese company has yet established an entertainment business in the Web3 market, DEA will strongly promote “enhancement of NFT game titles”, “expansion of the number of DEP holders in Japan” and “multi-chain operation”.


■Part 3: Latest Trend and Example of Play to Earn
Mitsushi Ono (Head of Ecosystem Promotion), Motoko Terada (International Marketing Director) and Miho Nishimura (Customer Support, Ecosystem Promotion)
presented the latest trend and examples of Play to Earn.

Ono demonstrated the actual situation of earning crypto assets through games, using our first NFT game “JobTribes” as an example. Terada went on to explain the scholarship system (lending and borrowing of NFTs) for those who do not own NFTs and showed an actual user of the system. Nishimura exhibited another example of how the scholarship system is contributing to the sustainable social and economic activities, DEA’s collaboration with the NPO Kousotsu Shien Kai.

From Left: Mitsushi Ono (Head of Ecosystem Promotion), Motoko Terada (International Marketing Director), Shinya Kiryu (COO), Kozo Yamada (Founder & Co-CEO), Miho Nishimura (Customer Support, Ecosystem Promotion), Hiroshi Tsuruoka (Head of Business Strategy)


■Guest Speech
Lastly, Mr. Satoshi Tsutomura,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NPO, “Kosotsu Shien Kai”, gave an explanation of the partnership. Mr. Takemura talked about how difficult it is for children who do not have degrees from high schools to find employment and that the experience of earning their own money by playing their favorite games would be a valuable success experience for them.

Satoshi Takemura (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NPO, “Kosotsu Shien Kai”)

The event was attended by many members of the media and was a great success.
The DEA Business Strategy Presentation can be viewed on the official YouTube channel “PlayMining TV”.

*Starts at about the 29th minute.


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