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“Project B-idol” First Artist Collaboration New Project by SUNNY BOY Music NFT “Lumière” produced by IMINI will be released on Thursday, September 1, 2022!

Singapore-based global GameFi platform company, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), announced the release of an artist collaboration for its NFT digital idol project, Project B-idol. As the first step, Music NFT “Lumière”, produced by IMINI, a team of music artists who are gaining worldwide recognition, will be released on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

These NFTs will be sold in limited quantities on the NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT Premier”, built on the BNB chain.

▼For more information on the BNB chain, please visit the official website.

■Producing Idols for the Blockchain World!

Project B-idol” is an NFT digital idol project launched in May 2022 by DEA, a new Web3 entertainment company. The project is releasing a limited number of songs on various themes, including artist collaborations and community-inspired songs sung by the members of “Azure Melodies” on the NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT Premier”.

In addition, by owning a music NFT, you can participate in the production of “Project B-idol” by voting on the project’s direction.

About the “Project B-idol” stories:

DEA will continue to provide new web entertainment to users around the world.

■About the music NFT “Lumière”

[Music NFT]

・Title “Lumière”

・Artist: Azure Melodies

■”Azure Melodies” members

Rin starring Arisa Aihara

Amelia starring Chihaya Yoshitake 

Youran starring Yuka Nishio 

Sophia starring Yuki Nagaku 

Camille starring Rina Otowa

  Emma starring Rena Hasegawa          

※Each member’s solo versions of the music NFT will also be released on Thursday, September 1, 2022.











PlayMining NFT Premier

※Please refer to the following article on how to purchase NFTs at PlayMining NFT Premier.

– How to Convert to BEP-20 standard DEP

– How to Buy/Sell NFTs on PlayMining NFT Premier

[Teaser version]









About “INIMI”

INIMI is a collective of Tokyo-based artists widely known for their music related to pop-culture crossovers. Founded in 2020, the core members of the INIMI team include Monjoe, Gio, Cheney, Loar, Canchild, Kosuke, and more.

INIMI aims to be a bridge between Tokyo and the rest of the world through music.



About “Project B-idol” 

“Project B-idol” is a digital idol project developed as NFTs. The world’s first token-based voting activity will produce girls who aim to become “super idols” active in the blockchain world.

・Official Website:



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