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Web3 x Entertainment DEA, the world’s leading provider of blockchain games will be exhibiting new game titles at the Tokyo Game Show 2022! September 15 – September 18, 2022 @Makuhari Messe, Tokyo

Come and test-play our NFT games, including the new unreleased titles,

DEA will also mint and distribute original NFTs at the event booth.

There will also be interactive Web3 entertainment events on stage.

Singapore – Singapore-based global GameFi company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA), will be exhibiting a Web3 entertainment experience booth at the “Tokyo Game Show 2022 (TGS  2022)” at Makuhari Messe for four days from September 15 (Thu) to September 18(Sun), 2022. 

At the booth, we will be letting visitors test the latest NFT games from the world’s leading GameFi platform PlayMining, distributing original NFTs commemorating our TGS 2022 exhibit, holding a giant raffle with prizes to be won and performing users interactive stage events. 

TGS2022 will be held offline for the first time in three years. This year’s theme is “Nothing Stops Gaming”. In addition to presenting an extensive lineup of new titles for our platform, visitors will be able to experience the forefront of gaming through “GameFi” and “Metaverse”. This will be the first time DEA exhibits at an offline booth.

■Web3 Entertainment Experience Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2022

At TGS 2022, visitors will be able to experience DEA’s NFT games such as “JobTribes”, “Cookin’ Burger” and “Graffiti Racer”. There will also be the “Shout to Earn” event, where visitors can participate to earn DEAPcoins according to the volume of their voices. We are planning a giant raffle with special NFTs as prizes as well. In addition, Kozo Yamada, Co-CEO of the DEA will take the stage at the booth to present business strategies, hold a joint seminar with BITPOINT and other various stage events joined by special guests.

Please come and experience the Web3 entertainment by DEA at the venue.

[Tokyo Game Show 2022 Exhibit Detail]

▼Main Stage Events  ※ The contents of the stage events may be added in the future.

Stage 1: September 15, 16:00-17:00, September 16, 16:00-17:00, September 17, 11:00〜12:00、September 18, 11:00〜12:00

PlayMining Business Strategy Presentation 

– Changing the Game Industry! Web3 entertainment –


Kozo Yamada, Co-CEO of Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based company that operates the global GameFi platform business “PlayMining”, will take the stage to give an overview of the current business, game titles and future strategies. He will also present information on new game titles and collaborations that will be unveiled for the first time.


Stage 2: September 17, 13:00-14:00, 16:30〜17:30 September 18, 13:00-14:00, 15:00-16:00

PlayMining GAME Lineup Introduction & DEAPcoin Massive Giveaway!


Introduction of various “Play to Earn GAME” lineups at PlayMining!

Furthermore, this stage is not only for watching and listening, but also for the chance to win DEAPcoin for all visitors! All visitors can participate in various activities linked to the games to be introduced! Join in and win DEAPcoin!


And other special guests

Stage 3: September 17, 15:00-16:00

What is the Gaming Guild? The ‘DreCre Guild’ talks about the impact Play to Earn games will have on the world!


PlayMining has several partnerships with “NFT Game Guilds”, teams that support new users in their NFT game play and provide assistance to various users around the world through Play to Earn games.

This time, we welcome the members of the “DreCre Guild” which is composed mainly of online influencers, to introduce their current activities, new developments in the future and the ” how-to” of joining a game guild as a user!


Stage 4: September 18, 16:00-17:00

PlayMining New Title Announcement & DEAPcoin Massive Giveaway!


Introducing PlayMining’s upcoming new titles and ongoing projects all at once!

We will present a rich lineup of games, metaverse, the idol project and more! All visitors will have another chance to win DEAPcoin on this stage! Come and join us and win DEAPcoin!


*The event will be held with the utmost precautionary measures against virus infections.

*All or part of the event may be canceled or changed due to the request of the local government, guests, or other reasons.

*The date and time of the event may change without notice.

▼Distribution of collaboration NFT

To commemorate the recently announced partnership with YGG Japan, DEA has created an original NFT “Guild Gamer” for “JobTribes” as the first step and will distribute it at the Tokyo Game Show.

This original NFT is a collaboration NFT with various guilds that support “JobTribes” in addition to YGG Japan. Those guilds’ logos are included in the illustration and the name of the skills that can be used in JobTribes game were chosen from public submissions by the guilds’ community members.

The original NFTs will be distributed to the visitors to the YGG Japan and DEA booths at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.

[Outline of Original NFT]

Name: Guild Gamer

Available game titles: JobTribes

Number of copies issued: 10,003

Rarity: Common (can be used in Common Quest)

Attribute: Thunder

Skill Name: 

– First Skill: Voice Chat On

– Second Skill: @everyone

– Third Skill: New Challenge

<Cooperated guilds for this project> 

YGG Japan, LCA GAME GUILD, Sakura Guild Games, ForN Gaming Guild, Sofikura, Lucian Finders Guild, YIELD FARMING LAB, NFT GAMER JAPAN

▼As long as it lasts! Everybody wins! NFT raffle!

To celebrate our exhibition at TGS, we will be preparing a raffle where everyone will be able to win an NFT. The NFTs to be rewarded this time are exclusive to TGS! And they can be used in games on PlayMining!

There is also a chance to win DEAPcoin! Come take advantage of this opportunity to win some NFTs!

Below are a part of the NFTs to be distributed.

Multiple other NFTs will be in the raffle.

*Limited to once per person.

*To obtain an NFT or DEAPcoin, you need to register a PlayMining ID and create a wallet.

▼At our booth, you can experience the following titles, including new titles.

■ JobTribes |

■Cookin’ Burger *Open beta version |

The following titles are new titles that are available only at TGS!

■ Graffiti Racer |

■ Menya Dragon Ramen *Beta test version |

■ Lucky Farmer |

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. |

DEA, a global GameFi and meta verse platform business, was founded in Singapore in August 2018, and is developing “JobTribes”, a Play to Earn game, “PlayMining NFT”, an NFT marketplace and “PlayMining Verse”, a meta verse project. As a leading Web3 Entertainment company in the world of “GameFi2.0”, focusing on the entertainment experience, we aim to realize a world where “enjoyment turns into value” by utilizing blockchain technology.

Co-CEO: Naohito Yoshida, Kozo Yamada

Location: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower,#05-01,Singapore 018936

Establishment: August 2018

Business description: GameFi platform business

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Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd

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