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Digital Entertainment Asset and Greenway Grid Global Sign MOU to Gamify Social Contribution through “Electric Power Asset NFTs”

SINGAPORE, April 3, 2023 Singapore-based companies Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) and Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (GGG) have announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore the development of a social contribution game. Following the recent sale announcement of “Electric Power Asset NFTs”, the two companies are now considering the development of a new game that utilizes Web3.0 technology to address the challenges faced by government and infrastructure organizations in inspecting and patrolling aging facilities due to a shortage of personnel.

GGG Director Tsuyoshi Numajiri (left)
DEA Founder & Co-CEO Kozo Yamada (center)
GGG Manager Kazuki Kito (right)

The two companies aim to develop a game together that is not only entertaining, but also delegates some infrastructure inspection duties in our towns to players, who can collaborate with their local communities. By combining “Electric Power Asset NFTs※1“, players can earn tokens (Play to Earn) while enjoying the game and making a social contribution, thereby connecting the virtual world with the real world.

GGG and DEA will work together towards realizing the new game with the aim to launch by 2024,while conducting detailed analysis to achieve their vision.

*1) The NFTs are pictures of electric power assets that have been digitalized using NFT technology. The Sale of “Electric Power Asset NFT (Transmission Tower NFT Card, Utility Pole NFT Card)”
~Venturing into the world of WEB 3.0~ (March 31, 2023)


About Greenway Grid Global
GGG Corporation is a joint venture established in Singapore by Tokyo Electric Power Grid Co., Ltd., Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and ICMG Partners Pte Ltd. The company aims to make the world a happier place by combining investment in next-generation infrastructure and new technology, the development of new businesses, and leadership development programs.


About Digital Entertainment Asset
Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) is a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company founded in August 2018. DEA is a developer of Play and Earn (P&E) games — also recently referred to as Play and Earn (P&E) games. DEA also operates the PlayMining NFT game platform, the PlayMining NFT marketplace, the PlayMining Verse metaverse project and DEAPcoin ($DEP) — the first P&E token approved by the Financial Service Agency of Japan. The team is headed by two co-CEOs — Naohito Yoshida and Kozo Yamada — who together bring decades of experience in founding successful startups (with 3 IPOs), creating hit video games, producing Web TV programs and displaying a deep understanding of NFT gaming.


About PlayMining
PlayMining is a GameFi and metaverse platform that empowers creators who would otherwise benefit very little in the traditional IP creation industry. The PlayMining platform is a new business model for content creation, featuring an NFT Marketplace powered by the PlayMining DEAPcoin ($DEP), paired with an NFT gaming and Metaverse platform. Featuring both in-house games as well as third-party projects with their own native tokens that allow creators to capture much of the value they create, the PlayMining platform has 2.7 million users and a catalog of P&E game titles including Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer and Lucky Farmer, as well as the metaverse project Fujiwara Kamui Verse.


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