Our Story.

Thoughts about the company name.Creating new value
for digital entertainment

Our company name envisions the value of digital data and the enrichment of the world with the power of entertainment.

Asset means “assets” & “wealth” as well as “valuable things”, “advantages”, and “strengths”. Furthermore, in the IT field, digitally reordered material such as images, videos, sound sources, and illustrations are all considered “assets” and are called “digital asset”.

Building a new economy and culture by combining blockchain, a type of digital technology, as a new structure for entertainment.
The chain of fun is a valuable asset, and in order to bring richness of the 21st century to everyone all over the world, we will transform the creativity of entertainment into something of value.

The origin of the logoSeeking universal value

The inverted triangle located in the centre is composed of the company’s initials “DEA” (E is a lower case e), the “beating heart” which is created by entertainment, and the “passion” that will change the world is represented by the left side of the chest in blood red.
The three figures that surround it form an “ingot”. “Gold” has existed as “valuable items’ in our lives since ancient times, and has a universal value that is distributed around the world even today. Using digital data, we expressed our cherished ideas of the thought of creating new values without borders.

The origin of the logo. Seeking universal value