Press Release.


“JobTribes” will be launched as closed beta version on “Playmining” as the first original game release. The open beta version will be launched worldwide on May 26.

[Singapore, 20 April 2020] 


Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd (DEA)  announced to launch the closed beta version of JobTribes, a trading card battle game and the first game on PlayMining, a blockchain entertainment platform for Digital Art. DEA is also announcing a call for beta test players.

Anyone can enjoy playing the closed beta version just by registering on the official website of “JobTribes”.


In addition, users who are selected as the beta testers will be invited to an online community on Discord* to interact with the developer of the game for the purpose of sharing requests for corrections, questions  and other suggestions.

All the testers will be able to participate with the code sent by the operator.


*Discord is an online chat tool specialized for gamers. The Discord channel is operated by the official DEA team by invitation only, and has enhanced functions to share videos and images as well as chat functions. Allows communication by PCs and mobile devices.


“JobTribes” closed beta period: April 20 – April 30, 2020

*The duration of the event is subject to change without prior notice.


Prior to the official launch, a video campaign featuring popular live commentators is also being planned to convey the game’s appeal to a wider audience.


After the closed beta version period, the open beta version service is scheduled to start on May 26.

For the beta version, a rewards-giving campaign is also planned after it is released.


The first game on PlayMining: “JobTribes”

JobTribes is an occupation-themed trading card battle game in which characters who personify various occupations are given special powers to fight each other. Users are able to convert the in-game coins(PALEcoin) into the cryptocurrency DEAPcoin through an appropriate process on DEA’s platform.

Digital Art, which can be purchased at the “Digital Art Auction” using DEAPcoin, can be used as a powerful battle card in  JobTribes, which may greatly influence the outcome of battles.

Shin Kibayashi, one of the six top Japanese creators selected by Netflix in 2019, is in charge of the game’s story.

【Card battle game “JobTribes” official website】

Pre-registration is available on this site.


“Digital Art Auction”

Digital Art Auction is a service that allows users to buy and sell digitized artworks (“Digital Art”) drawn by popular creators from Japan and around the world. Its beta version was globally released on April 15.

Digital Arts that are sold on this platform are unique and exclusive, which is enabled through DEA’s blockchain based transaction system. The platform offers owners of these digital assets to use them in the games released on PlayMining. 

In the first day of this beta service, Digital Art received far more access than the number of copies scheduled to be sold that day, and the cards for promotion sale were sold out. Moving forward, more releases from prominent creators are planned to take place.


Digital Art sold out on the first day of the “Digital Art Auction” sale

A total of 322 items in 67 types were sold, including works by the manga artist of “Dragon Quest Chronicles: The Emblem of Lotto”, Gundam, and Macross character designers. In total, the Digital Arts were worth 8,813,080 DEP as its starting bid price.


Digital Art Auction beta version.】


In order to ensure that many users can continue to enjoy Digital Art, Digital Art will be available in limited quantities at reasonable prices for six consecutive weeks starting April 15.


Digital Art lineup to be sold (*excerpt)

■4/15 sale (sold out for prompt sale)

Artist: Fujiwara Kamui / Art name “Battle of Job Road” / Limited edition of 3 pieces / 500,000 (DEP) ~

Artist: Mikimoto Haruhiko / Art name “Pop Star” / Limited edition of 29 pieces / 100,000 (DEP) ~

Artist: Ayamine Rando / Art name “Crime Scene Investigator” / Limited to 29 pieces / 100,000 (DEP) ~


■Scheduled for sale on April 22

Artist: Ogawa Etsushi / Art Name “Chinese Master Chef”


■Scheduled for sale on April 29

Artist: Fujiwara Kamui / Art name “Jockey” 


■Scheduled to be sold on May 6

Artist: Hagiwara Kazushi / Art name “Astronaut”


■Scheduled for sale on May 13

Artist: Ando Keishu / Art Name “Body Builder”


■Scheduled for sale on May 20

Artist: MinagawaRyoji / Art name “Conductor” 


About Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd  | 

DEA is a company founded in August 2018 in Singapore. In the second quarter of 2020, DEA will launch its blockchain-enabled entertainment platform, PlayMining, and expand our business with the first game, JobTribes, and Digital Art Auction.