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The First Artist Collaboration for “Project B-idol” Music NFT to be produced by “INIMI”, the music artist collective directed by SUNNY BOY!

Limited-Edition Music NFTs To Launch On PlayMining NFT Premier Platform

SINGAPORE – May 9, 2022 – Today, Singapore-based global GameFi company Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd (DEA) has unveiled the launch of its first artist collaboration for its upcoming NFT digital idol project titled “Project B-idol.”

The DEA team is collaborating with “INIMI,” the music artist collective directed by SUNNY BOY, to introduce the first NFT as part of this project. Together with the INIMI team, DEA will launch a limited collection of music NFTs. According to the DEA team, this exclusive collection will be listed for sale in the summer of 2022 on its BNB Chain compatible NFT marketplace “PlayMining NFT Premier.”

INIMI is a collective of Tokyo-based artists widely known for their music related to pop-culture crossovers. INIMI supports emerging Asian artists who want to enter the crossover music scene, enabling them to share and collaborate with creators worldwide. Founded in 2020, the core members of the INIMI team include Monjoe, Gio, Cheney, Loar, Canchild, Kosuke, and more.

On being a part of DEA’s expansive NFT marketplace, a spokesperson for INIMI explains, “It is a great honor for us to participate in the B-idol project. We have always been very interested in the NFT scene, so we are thrilled to have been asked to participate in this project. We wrote this song with a wish to warm the hearts of people who are experiencing tragic events currently going around the world. We hope our thoughts and prayers will reach as many people as possible.”

Project B-idol will feature a limited number of music NFTs covering various styles of music produced by artist collaborations and community-initiated music productions. Additionally, creators of these music NFTs will be able to participate in the production of “Project B-idol” through community voting processes to determine the direction of the projects. All the NFTs relating to this project will be available on the PlayMining NFT Premier marketplace.

■About “Project B-idol”
Project B-idol” is a digital idol project developed as NFTs.
Girls who aim for the miraculous existence of “Super Idol” will be performing in the world of blockchain.

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■About DEA
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