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DEA launches PlayMining’s New Game Title “Cookin’ Burger” open beta version on August 15!

Simulate the management of a burger shop with Play & Earn!

Singapore-based global GameFi platform company, Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), announced the launch of its new blockchain game “Cookin’ Burger”, open beta version on its PlayMining platform today on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 14:00 (UTC+8).

“Cookin’ Burger” is a multi-tasking cooking game in which you, as a staff member at a burger shop, take orders from various customers and serve them burgers quickly and accurately. Despite its simplicity of the game, the players can simulate the experience of running a real burger shop, using techniques such as learning customer preferences and figuring out the most efficient cooking orders.

In the upcoming official launch of “Cookin’ Burger”, we will offer ranking rewards based on the rankings, as well as a variety of additional features, so please stay tuned.

DEA will continue to enhance the game titles on PlayMining in order to provide “fun” and “surprise” through various contents to users around the world.

▼Click here to play “Cookin’ Burger”.


■About Cookin’ Burger
“Cookin’ Burger” is a multi-tasking cooking game in which a player, as a shop staff member in a burger shop, takes orders from various types of customers and aims to serve them accurately and quickly to build the shop’s reputation.
Players can become shop owners within the game by purchasing shop NFTs consisting of various grades. Build your shop’s reputation through game play, and as your reputation grows, you will have more opportunities to earn DEAPcoins in the game!

▼Click here to play “Cookin’ Burger”.

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▼ Click here to purchase shop NFTs for “Cookin’ Burger”.
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