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Economic society where everyone can enjoy
and enjoy life



Adventure and exploration become the value of a new society.
Playmining is a new form of income that rewards you through adventure and exploration.
A platform that creates a society that is free from occupation and environment by exchanging one’s passions among those who create fun and those who share the fun.
Having fun will richly change your life.
Start a new economic society with the chain of fun


The PlayMining symbol also illustrates the ingot used in the corporate logo,
and combines P and M in a trapezoidal form.
The more you play, the more devoted you play and enrich your platform.
Playmining participants, called “PlayMiners”,
receive rewards by going on adventures and quests.
“PlayMiner” is a new profession created by the new economic sphere.


Play Miner Logo

Digital Art Auction.

A circulation system for creations where
all creators
can be guaranteed an income

The assets acquired by PlayMining can be used in the Digital Art Auction platform. Digital Art, managed by a blockchain, gives buyers true ownership and ensures that the creators receive compensation for their creations.
In Digital Art Auctions, the creator’s illustration assets as well as the assets used in the game are traded in the format of an art auction.

In the logo, the hammer represents the trading of Digital Art at the auctions. In addition, the handle obscurely melting away represents the thought that the value of the diverse digital space will endlessly spread.

As a platform where anyone trade at ease and acquire Digital Art as an assess, the Digital Art Auction provides a next generation value exchange structure.

Digital Art Auction


A new economic sphere, here to stay

DEAP is the name of the key currency that circulates the new economic sphere that shares the value of digital entertainment.
The first letters of Digital Entertainment Asset was combined with “the 3 P’s”, Platform, Possibility, and Participants, to form the term “DEAP”.
The way the word “deep” sounds expresses our mission to create a new infrastructure with the idea that those values will be deeply rooted in the world.

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The list of exchanges

OKEx Bithumb global BITTREX GLOBAL