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Puzzle × JobTribes! official game launch in Blockchain entertainment platform lineup starting in September 2020

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based blockchain entertainment business, announced that in September 2020 they will launch the 2nd game PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes in the content lineup of the blockchain based entertainment platform PlayMining.

PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes is a simple puzzle game called SAME GAME that runs in the browser so anyone can play. As with the rest of the PlayMining content, the more you play the game, the more you can earn money (crypto assets). You can also take your game to the next level by using Digital Art that can be purchased with DEAPcoin (DEP) at the company’s Digital Art Auction. DEA will continue to bring DEP to users around the world and provide fun and entertainment through a variety of digital content.

*DEAPcoin is not available for sale to residents of Japan.

Puzzle game「PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes」|

In “PlayMining Puzzle×JobTribes,” you have to tap a block of the same color to erase it and drop the “DEAPcoin symbol” to the bottom row within a set number of turns to clear the game. By using five different special moves, you can get a high score. The Digital Art that can be purchased at the Digital Art Auction will increase the number of times you can use special moves if you own them, and the number of Digital Art you own will give you a bonus  KESO.

The KESO earned in the game can be exchanged for the crypto-asset DEAPcoin with the proper steps. DEAPcoin can be used as currency to purchase powerful Digital Art, which has a significant impact on the progress of the game, and can also be exchanged for real money on the crypto-asset exchange.


[Singapore,20  Aug  2020] 


DEAPcoin(DEP)  |

DEAPcoin is a proprietary utility token issued by DEA.

It is available to use as a currency to buy digital art on the “PlayMining Platform,” an online digital entertainment platform where games and digital asset transactions are linked by blockchain technology.

Each time a game is added to the platform, the number of digital assets available for use in the game increases, allowing for the purchase of more valuable digital assets with DEAPcoin.

DEAPcoin is available on six different exchanges, OKEx, Bithumb Global, BITTREX GLOBAL,  INDODAX and DigiFinex.

*DEAPcoin is not currently available for sale to residents of Japan.

OKEx  |

Bithumb Global |





Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) can be used to make purchases from these stores. 

Digital Art AuctionβVer.|

Card battle game “JobTribes” official website |

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd  |


【Services provided by DEA that DEP can be used for】

Digital Art Auction Beta version |

Digital Art Auction is a service that allows users to buy and sell digitized artwork (“Digital Art”) drawn by popular creators from Japan and around the world. These Digital Art are unique and exclusive because of DEA’s blockchain based transaction system.


The first game on PlayMining, “JobTribes” |

JobTribes is an occupation-themed trading card battle game in which characters who personify various occupations are given special powers to fight each other. Users are able to convert the in-game coins(PALEcoin) to the DEA issued cryptocurrency, DEAPcoin, through an appropriate process on DEA’s platform.

Digital Art, which can be purchased at the “Digital Art Auction” using DEAPcoin, can be used as a powerful battle card in  JobTribes, which may greatly influence the outcome of battles.

Shin Kibayashi, one of the six top Japanese creators selected by Netflix in 2019, is in charge of the game’s story.


「JobTribes」 |

Three approaches constitute the concept of “Play and Earn” in PlayMining’s first game JobTribes.    

1) Payday: Anyone can earn DEP just by playing the game! 

Buy DEAPcheck with the PALEcoin you’ve earned! Almost everyone who plays the game can get DEAPcoin! 

■PayDay Event Occurrence Period:

①Aug 11th 12:00(SGT)〜Aug 13th 11:59(SGT)

Date of payment:Aug 18th〜Aug 20th

②Aug 25th 12:00(SGT)〜Aug 27th 11:59(SGT)
Date of payment:Sep 1st〜Sep 3rd


2) Ranking: The more you play the game, the more DEAPcoin you get! 

Users are ranked according to their game performance. Top users can earn a lot of DEAPcoins!

■Period: Aug 18th (Tues) 14:00 (SGT) 〜Aug 21th(Fri) 11:59 (SGT) 


3) Lottery: a chance for all! 

If you’re lucky, you might get a lot of DEAPcoin! The in-game event, “Lottery Quest,” happens regularly! If you obtain a ‘lottery ticket’ that you can receive at the event, you have a chance to win some DEAPcoin!

■Period: Sep 1st 14:00(SGT)-Sep 4th13:59 (SGT) 

■Winner announcement: Sep 8th14:00(SGT)


Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd  |

DEA is a Singapore based company that was founded in August 2018. On April 8th, 2020, the company’s originally developed cryptocurrency, DEAPcoin, was listed on OKEx. DEA also released its first game, JobTribes, a card trading battle game, as well as Digital Art Auction, a marketplace for trading digital art.


Co-CEO:Naohito Yoshida, Shigeru Shiina

Address:7 Straits View,Marina One East Tower,#05-01,Singapore 018936

Founded in August, 2018

Business description: Blockchain entertainment platform