Press Release.


World’s first “1st NFT Novel Award” held! Extravagant judges decided one after another!

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter, DEA), which is engaged in the global NFT entertainment business, announced that they will hold the “1st NFT Novel Award” to seek novels based on NFT (Non-fungible token, hereinafter NFT).

Many of the latest items (props and gadgets) that reflect the times appear in creative works such as movies, animations and novels released in the past. DEA decided to hold the world’s first NFT-themed novel award, believing that the now-talked-about NFT will surely play an important role in future creative works.

As long as it is a novel in which NFT appears, the genre, number of characters, etc. are not specified, so we are looking forward to the participation of a wide range of users who are interested in NFT.
The recruitment is widespread worldwide, and it is hoped that not only Japanese but also English works will be submitted.
Also, please note that we have decided to have people who are active as leading figures in the NFT industry participate as judges.

DEA will continue to provide fun and surprise to users all over the world through various projects.

[Singapore, 25 August  2021]

[Overview of the 1st NFT Novel Award]
The NFT Novel Award is the world’s first novel award with the theme of “NFT”.
It can be “romance,” “horror,” “suspense,” “sci-fi,” or “comedy,” the genre does not matter, and the number of characters is not specified. If it is a novel in which NFT appears, it will be subject to examination.
Winners will also be offered the commercialization of NFTs that appear in the novel, and luxurious prizes.

<Application acceptance period>
July 14th, 2021 ~ October 31st, 2021

<Result announcement>
Scheduled for early December 2021

General category
Plot category

<Award prizes>
・Grand prize: 300,000 yen
・Ranking prize: 100,000 yen (two or more novels will be selected)
・Commercialization of NFT appearing in the novel
Also, the concept of novels itself being made into an NFT is on its way!
*There is a possibility that the grand prize will “not be applicable to anyone”.

<Participation prize>
Get 1 NFT that can be used in the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”!
*Participation prizes are for applications whose work is recognized as having a minimum workability in consideration of work count and its content.
Given NFT: COMMON: Writer (Fire)

Please send in your novel through this Google Form.

[Judges (Japanese works)]
Noriyasu Ueki (video content producer)
After joining Toho Co., Ltd., he launched video platforms such as WOWOW/SKY PerfecTV.
At Netflix JAPAN, he produced “Spark” and “Devilman Cry Baby” as an executive producer.
Currently, he is involved in the production of theater films in the Japanese movies section of Sony Pictures.

Aimi Sekiguchi (VR/NFT artist)
A VR artist who draws 3D art in VR space.
Her first NFT art work “Alternate dimension gensō kenran” has been highly appraised in the world, being sold by auction on the same day it was released for about 13 million yen (69.697 ETH)
A Jikei Group VR education adviser. A Withings Official ambassador.

Fao @Piprycto (NFT affairs expert)
An expert in the NFT industry giving information on crypto/the NFT industry since 2018.
She is also active as a producer of NFT projects that are expanding worldwide.


[Judges (English works)]
Sebastien Borget(The Sandbox Co-Founder and COO)
Operates “The Sandbox,” a “user-led game platform” based on NFT and blockchain technology.
He is also a representative of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Sydney Liu(The Commaful Co-Founder and CEO)
Founder of Commaful, a storytelling website in which people share derivative novels, poems, short stories, etc.

(titles omitted)

[Terms and precautions]
・It is possible to submit multiple works
・Please refrain from duplicate entries with other contests held other than the “NFT Novel Award”.
・Derivative works cannot be posted
・At the time of application, rights such as publishing and NFT will be given to the operation of “NFT Novel Award”. However, rights will be returned to the author if they do not win.
・Prizes may be added during the contest.
・If you receive a consultation such as from publishing from another company while applying for this contest, please contact us through the inquiry form
・If you do not contact us by the specified date, your award may be revoked.
・After the award is confirmed, if any trouble occurs due to the applicant’s responsibility, the award may be revoked.
・Please note that the applicant is solely responsible for any damages caused to a third party due to problems such as infringement of rights regardless of the selection process.


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