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Belgian professional soccer club KMSK Deinze and DEA pays an official visit to the Mayor of Deinze. Strategic partnership with KMSK Deinze will be enriched with a support of the mayor of Deinze

Local Government x Professional Soccer Club to Revitalizethe Community with the World’s First Web3 Collaboration

Naohito Yoshida, Founder & CEO of Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (“DEA”), a Singapore-based global GameFi platform company and Hiroyuki Ono of ACA Football Partners (“ACAFP”) paid a courtesy visit on Jan Vermeulen, mayor of Deinze city, home of KMSK Deinze Football Club NV (“KMSK Deinze”), which manages KMSK Deinze, a member of the the second division of the Belgian Pro League/First Division B and participated in a panel discussion. KMSK Deinze will get a support of the mayor of Deinze for the partnership with DEA to develop and revitalize the community through the Web3 initiative.

This courtesy visit is part of the strategic partnership between DEA and KMSK Deinze that was signed in February. KMSK Deinze will be trying to invest funds from the club sponsors to purchase game item NFTs, digital assets on DEA’s gaming platform, PlayMining, and the city of Deinze shows its interest to support it. Through participating in DEA’s Play & Earn games, it aims to create new value and develop new revenue streams at both the local and global levels.

Mayor Jan Vermeulen has shown his cooperative stance to the project, and the City of Deinze has expressed its supportive attitude to help the future development of the club and strengthen the local community. DEA will also create special NFT cards for club supporters, Mayor Jan Vermeulen and Lennart Mertens, building a direct connection with local citizens and supporters.

Gaming guilds are organizations that invest in NFTs of Play & Earn games and generate revenue from the games through organized play and are rapidly expanding in number, particularly in Southeast Asia, as a new means of job creation.

This will allow KMSK Deinze to generate new sponsorship and guild business revenue, and DEA will work with KMSK Deinze to raise awareness of its gaming products and its proprietary token DEAPcoin (“DEP”) in the European region.

The ESG aspect of the Gaming Guild’s initiative, which is to create jobs through gaming, makes it an attractive ESG investment for local governments and club sponsors. In addition, supporters who earn rewards through Play & Earn games are expected to put the funds back into the club-related consumption, which may lead to the revitalization of the sports club ecosystem.

DEA plans to sponsor KMSK Deinze next season and as a strategic partner of the City of Deinze, will collaborate on more comprehensive Web3 initiatives in the future, including the creation of an ecosystem utilizing Watch to Earn and Fan Tokens.

Comment from Jan Vermeulen, Mayor of Deinze City
“We are pleased to welcome ACAFP and DEA to the city of Deinze, working for the future development of KMSK Deinze, which we also support. The world is moving fast, including digital technology, and what I have seen within this Web3 strategic partnership is very ambitious to say the least. KMSK Deinze is a very important organization for our local community, they can be proud to be one of the first cases of implementing Web3 into a football club.”

Comment from Mr. Hiroyuki Ono, CEO of ACAFP and Vice Chairman, Board of Director, KMSK Deinze
“After announcing our strategic partnership with DEA in February, the project is developing with cooperation of the city of Deinze. Having made those progress in such a short time, this could not have happened without everyone’s understanding and effort and we deeply appreciate it. Reinvigoration of the local community and building a connection with club supporters are fundamental factors when we think about football business, and the collaboration of the city of Deinze is our big step forward. We will keep working to make more excitement together with the city and our fans.”


Comment from Naohito Yoshida, CEO of DEA
”I would like to express my appreciation to Deinze City Mayor Jan Vermeulen and all those involved for the warm and hearty welcome we have received. The future of GameFi and Play to Earn(P2E) is about solving social problems in a sustainable way, revitalizing communities, and supporting people with dreams and hopes. We wish the City of Deinze and KMSK Deinze continued growth and success.”

About KMSK Deinze
Founded in 1926, KMSK Deinze is a historic football club belonging to the second division of the Belgian Pro League/First Division B. The city of Deinze, the hometown of KMSK, is located in the East Flanders region and is known as an affluent area.

In the 2019-20 season, the club was promoted to the second division of the Belgian Pro League. In the 2020-21 season, their first year of promotion, they finished a respectable fifth (out of eight clubs). The club is growing rapidly and has announced plans to build a new stadium.

For more information about KMSK Deinze, please visit the official website:

About ACA Football Partners
ACAFP is a Singapore-based football business company that plans to create multi-club ownership from Asia, and is a member of the ACA Group, whose core business is the private equity fund management. Distinguished football industry experts active in Europe have joined the team as founding members in support of ACAFP’s mission to “Release the value of Sports & Evolve”. In the future, ACAFP will further expand its network by executing capital and business alliances with partner clubs that support this mission, and will play a role in accelerating the global development of European football.

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