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DEA Launches New Game Title on PlayMining GameFi Platform: “Lucky Farmer”

The new farm-themed coin pusher game is now open; Farmland NFTs and Character NFTs available for players to get the upper hand in the game.

Singapore, November 14, 2022 — Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based global GameFi company, has announced the launch of the official version of Lucky Farmer on its PlayMining platform, which took place on Monday, November 14, 2022 at 14:00 (UTC+8).

Lucky Farmer, like JobTribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen and Graffiti Racer, is a Play-to-Earn game that allows players to earn DEAPcoins ($DEP) issued by DEA. It is a coin pusher game with a farm theme, in which anyone has a chance to earn DEP by collecting large amounts of medals through an in-game slot machine and roulette wheel, exchanging them for items, utilizing newly introduced pets to advance in the game, or participating in weekly ranking competitions.

DEA will continue to enhance the titles on PlayMining in order to provide various fun and surprising content to users all over the world.


■About Lucky Farmer
Lucky Farmer is a coin pusher game with a farm theme. The game is easily controlled by tapping the screen to drop medals. Players place dropped medals in a red wagon at the bottom of the screen to spin the slot machine.

The slot machine has a variety of tricks such as raining medals, growing crops or dropping eggs. When the player gets a triple seven (777) result, they will enter “fever time” and win a large amount of medals. 


There are two types of NFTs in Lucky Farmer:

・Farmland NFTs

Set up on the player’s farm, these NFTs give the player an advantage in the game in terms of slot chances and access to special crops. They also give a chance to earn DEP during gameplay.


・Character NFTs

Possession of character NFTs allows the player to change their avatar, background, music, etc. during gameplay. Combined with certain farmland NFTs, it can also increase the probability of good results on the slot machine.

NFTs can be obtained from the Lucky Box within the game, a feature that allows players to pay DEP and receive one randomly chosen NFT or in-game item at a time.


The New Pet Feature

When pet patterns are aligned in the slot machine, the pet will activate its skills. Skills have effects that make the game more advantageous, such as dropping eggs or crops on the field. In addition, feeding a pet will make it friendly and increase the activation rate of its skills.


Reward Structure (How to Earn DEP)

In “Lucky Farmer”, there are three main ways to earn DEP.

  1. Daily Play

When playing the game with the farmland NFT set, DEP medals will be dropped on the field during Fever Time or when jackpots are won. In addition, during Fever Time, a Mega DEP medal will be dropped onto the field for 40 combos or more. DEP can be earned by dropping these DEP medals and Mega DEP medals in the front.

  1. NFT Tasks

Farmland NFTs have NFT tasks. DEP can be earned by achieving the conditions of the NFT Task with the farmland NFT set.

  1. Ranking

DEP can be earned according to the players’ competitive ranking positions in each season, which lasts for one week. There are two types of rankings: regular ranking, which can be participated in without NFTs, and Owner Ranking, which users can challenge for high rewards by betting their farmland NFTs.

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■Comment from Takafumi Kiyota, producer of “Lucky Farmer
This game embodies the concept of “Time is Money” on GameFi. I recommend this game to those who would like to start playing Play-to-Earn games. The game is easy to operate and can be played by anyone, so why don’t you make the most of your daily spare time, such as while traveling, taking a break or between household chores?

▼For the latest information on “Lucky Farmer”, please visit the following links.

Official website: (You can play the game from here)

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