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PlayMining, Issuer of DEAPcoin (DEP), Announces the “SOUL Friends” Project in Collaboration with Social Good Organizations, to be Released this Summer in “SOUL Fusers”

PlayMining is launching its first SOUL Friends collaboration project with the “CHANG Child Foundation of Asia”, an organization which supports children in Southeast Asia.

SINGAPORE, June 15, 2023 — Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based global GameFi company and owner of the PlayMining gaming platform, has announced the “SOUL Friends” project, a collaboration with organizations that contribute to solving social issues. SOUL Friends integrates with the new PlayMining game title “SOUL Fusers”, which is scheduled for release this summer.


■About the First SOUL Friends Project

SOUL Fusers, which promotes the co-creation of intellectual property (IP) between the game’s users and producers, has introduced a system in which users are invited to name NFT monsters called SOULs. Winning users whose suggested names are chosen will receive a share of revenue when their named NFTs are sold.

The SOUL Friends project is applying this co-creation mechanic to collaborate with organizations that contribute to solving social problems. In the future, PlayMining will engage in various collaborations to find ways in which people can participate in the solving of social issues while having fun.

The first SOUL Friends collaboration is with the “CHANG Child Foundation of Asia”, an organization which supports children in South East Asia. Two groups of children at an orphanage in Thailand and a primary school in Laos chose names for monster SOUL NFTs. Some of the SOUL names will also be released as special collaboration NFTs using illustrations of children playing with the SOULs. Furthermore, part of the NFT sales will be donated to the CHANG Child Foundation of Asia to support their child aid activities. The collaboration NFT is scheduled to be released this summer, and the SOUL featured in each NFT will be compatible for use in the SOUL Fusers game.


■How to Collaborate on a SOUL Friends Project

As part of SOUL Fusers’ IP co-creation project, a system will be introduced that allows users to propose and mediate new collaborations with organizations that contribute to solving social issues.

Users can submit and mediate proposals by joining the SOUL Fusers Discord server and posting in the ‘Collaboration-Partner-Wanted’ channel. When a collaboration is approved and carried out, the user that made the proposal will also share in the revenue.

SOUL Fusers Discord:

How the SOUL Friends project works


■Children Naming the Monster SOULs

Project Movie:

■Collaboration NFT Illustration Samples


■About the SOUL Fusers “Web3 User-Producer IP Co-Creation Project”

The SOUL Fusers IP co-creation project is a Web3 initiative with the theme of “creating new IP together with the user community”. PlayMining has already started to create and name original monsters with users for the SOUL Fusers game, mainly through the above-linked Discord community. DEA also plans to implement additional collaboration projects in the future.

DEA will grant DEAPcoin ($DEP) as royalties to contributors of original monsters and users who contribute to IP creation and game development in various other ways. Other ways of utilizing tokenomics with users will also be explored.

Furthermore, in order to expand IP development, a different project called “SOUL Mates” will soon launch that will see PlayMining collaborate with manufacturers who produce content other than games. Together with the SOUL Friends project, DEA is considering various schemes that will enable user involvement and thereby DEP rewards and revenue-sharing. Details of the SOUL Mates project will be announced in a press release soon.


■Comment from Mr. Koji Saito, CHANG Child Foundation of Asia

We are very pleased to collaborate with the SOUL Friends project. I feel that a system which allows people to contribute to solving social issues while enjoying a game is a very innovative form of social contribution. With games, young people and those who have never thought about social issues can contribute to society in a very natural way.

It also gives people an opportunity to think about what they can do to further benefit others, which in turn expands the circle of social contribution. When the children were told, “Choose names for the characters in the game! You can also be in the illustrations!” They responded, “What? We can choose!? We’re going to appear in the illustrations?!” They were surprised, but were very happy and tried their best to choose the names of the characters.

We are looking forward to the day when we can show these games and illustrations to the children. The schools and parents will be very happy as the money will be used to pay for the children’s living and education expenses.


■Comments from PlayMining CGO (Chief Game Officer) & SOUL Fusers Producer (Head of Development) Satoshi Araragi

SOUL Fusers aims to create and develop an IP like no other, as a Web3 project that allows users to collaborate directly with the game producers. This time, we are announcing the SOUL Friends project, a collaboration with an organization that contributes to solving social issues!

As the first step, we have announced a collaboration with the CHANG Child Foundation of Asia, which provides support to children in South East Asia. I have a particularly strong attachment to Southeast Asia, having studied at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and worked in Bangkok for a while. That is why I contacted the CHANG Child Foundation of Asia, and we could start this project because they kindly agreed to this collaboration.

SOUL Fusers plans to continue collaborating with organizations that solve social issues in the future as part of the SOUL Friends project. Furthermore, we would like to accept suggestions from users regarding future organizations to collaborate with, and would like to implement the project in a natural way that is just like expanding our circle of friends.


■About General Foundation CHANG Child Foundation of Asia

CHANG operates orphanages, kindergartens and tutoring schools in Cambodia. In Laos, it has built a primary school and a kindergarten. It operates an intellectual education school in Thailand and also supports a treatment facility for children with HIV. In Vietnam, it also supports a treatment facility for children with disabilities. In Japan, it organizes the CHANG Children’s Earth University, a story-telling event for primary school children to teach them about foreign countries and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


▼The latest information on SOUL Fusers can be found on the following official channels:


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