Press Release.


DEP&NFT Marketplace 1st Anniversary Campaign – Get Max 50%* additional DEP by purchasing DEP& Get 10% airdrops of your NFT purchases at NFT Marketplace

 [Singapore, 15 April 2021]

To all the PlayMiners around the world.

8th April 2020 marks the first anniversary of DEAPcoin(DEP) to be listed publicly, and we are pleased to present the 50%* additional DEP allocation by purchasing new DEP from the market.  The grand pool will be 10,000,000DEP so act FAST before it runs out!

The 1st Anniversary Special airdrop campaign will commence on Thursday 15th,16:00(SGT) ,April 2021 until Friday 30th, 23:59(SGT), April 2021 so don’t miss out on the opportunity and sign up now if you still don’t have a PlayMining ID.

Details of the 50% additional DEP rewards as follows:

・Total DEP airdrop 10,000,000 DEP. Campaign subject to end when it reaches the cap airdrop.

・Users have chance to earn extra DEP by purchasing DEP from exchanges, DEX, or Simplex platform and depositing to the wallet at NFT Marketplace by DEP.

*・Airdrop reward is capped at 100,000 DEP per PlayMiner(who has PlayMining ID).

・The reward rates will be as follows

Above 100,000 DEP : 50% (ex. If you deposit 200,000DEP to the wallet, you can earn 100,000DEP)

10,000 DEP- below 100,000 DEP : 20%

1,000 DEP – below 10,000 DEP : 15%

Below 1,000 DEP : 10%

・The amount of DEP newly deposited into the wallet at NFT Marketplace by DEP  during the period will be eligible. Any deposits made prior to the period will not be counted.

・The rate of rewards is determined by the actual deposit amount during the campaign period;

i.e. If you deposit 100,000DEP on 15th and withdraw 50,000 on 16th, your actual deposit amount will be 50,000 and the reward rate will be 20%.

・Simply purchasing DEP on an external exchange does not qualify for this campaign; a deposit to the wallet at NFT Marketplace by DEP is required.

・The airdrop will be allocated until 14th May 2021

・This promotion may be changed, canceled, extended or terminated early without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

You can purchase DEP from here.








Wait, there’s more. We will also have a campaign on our NFT Marketplace by DEP by rewarding back 10% of the total purchased NFTs in “Store” in NFT Marketplace by DEP.  No cap table for this campaign so own your dreamed NFTs now and start PlayMining!

・Please note that this promotion is only applicable to purchases made through “Store” and not to transactions made through “Auction” in NFT Marketplace by DEP.

・This promotion may be changed, canceled, extended or terminated early without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

[Singapore, 15 April 2021]

*Terms and conditions apply, maximum airdrop rewards are 100,000DEP per user.


DEA reserves the right to cancel or amend the rules at its sole discretion

The campaign subject to end once it hits the estimated amount